Hiroki Toyohara, P.E. Jp
Consulting engineer. Water and Sustainability.

Professional Engineer, Japan (Environmental Engineering): No.35982
Standardization Expert: No.SE00356

Work History
・Chiyoda Corporation1985-
R&D on wastewater treatment process (MBR, attached growth), Basic design of industrial wastewater treatment processes, Handling of packaged equipment, Construction management, Project engineering, Commissioning, Consultant at JICA study project in Egypt.

・Environmental Engineering Corporation / Ebara Corporation 2001-
Business development of overseas water and wastewater treatment project, Consultant at JETRO study project in China

・Toray Industries, Inc. 2006-
Consultant at JBIC Study project in Oman, Sales and Marketing of membrane products, Project development, M&A in Indonesia, Project leader of ISO 20468-5, Digital marketing, Strategy development of corporate sustainability.

・ 2023-

・BS. Applied biochemistry, University of Tsukuba
・Rokko Gakuin Highschool

Institution of Professional Engineers, Japan

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Article and Patent

ISO/TC 282 Meeting
ISO/TC 282 Water Reuse Meeting, 2018